Christmas Uke-Tacular 2016

This was a great irreverent Christmas celebration with a bunch of slightly off  kilter Christmas tunes that had everyone in a great mood and smiling as they left. Not schmaltzy, though some real love and joy in the room… a great way to the year of Uke Mullum and Miss Amber and Stukulele’s Uke Night.

Steve Passfield was excellent as Naughty Santa and a delivered some great guitar and a lot of quick witted humour. The audience were having a great time, particularly Val Hodgson when the band spontaneously launched into ‘Wipe Out’.

The Tinsel Tones were fabulous as ever, this year with Misty Henderson who also nailed Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’. Rosie Eadie did a fine job of her tunes ‘Here Comes Santa Claus’ and ‘I saw Mummy Kissing Santa Claus’ which has dropped a key every year. Naughty Santa sang about wanting some Lovin’ and Back Doors….

The Poagues ‘Fairytale Of New York’ was a big hit. The little known ‘Sleigh Bell Rock’ was well received also.  A quick ‘Feliz Navidad’ with Rod Co’s grandson Cooper and a wave good bye and that was the 6th Annual Christmas Uke-Tacular.

Check out the pics from Lyn at Niche pix here

November 2016 – The Best Of the 2016

The Best Of The 2016 Songbooks


This was one of the best fun Uke Nights as it was spontaneous and loose though still very musical and entertaining. Traditionally, November is all about looking back on the songbooks we have presented and choosing the favourites. The result was a very eclectic mix. Sharny Russell was roped in at the last minute. She was coming over to do a guest spot though Stu quickly put her to work on keys, at times playing songs she hadn’t heard before. Of course Sharny (sister of Steve Russell) is one of the Austrailia’s most accomplished Jazz pianists and vocalists. What a touch of class. (we are blessed with the most wonderfully talented musicians).

The band were great as usual – Al Brooker on bass, Jason Caspen on Drums and Evan Landers on Guitars. It was so great to have Misty Henderson back with us. She is such a star in the making. The NRUO backed her during ‘Summertime’ and also performed ‘Lullaby Of Birdland’ which was beautifully garnished with Sharny’s piano.

A great highlight was ‘100 Words’, a band consisting of local 12 year old, Mila Stuart-Long, Sam Sanders and Jack Edmonds who played their 3 original songs during the break. We hope to see more of the group next year. Straight after you could have heard a pin drop during Sharny’s version of Carole Kings ‘You Got A Friend’…. simply stunning. Jono Hillman sang a few tunes with us from the British Invasion book of last month and then did a fine John Kay from Steppenwolf in ‘Born To be Wild’.  Val and Erina did a fine ‘She’s Not There’ by the Zombies. We finished the night with Time After Time which Miss Amber always slays especially with the addition of beautiful harmonies from Sharny and Misty.

Val and Barry won the door prize  – free tickets and somehow convinced Stu that a free bottle of wine was part of the prize. Pete Brosnan took home the poster with the winning number 16. Doesn’t get more fortuitous that. Smiles all round for another fun event in Club Mullum with a bunch of new and familiar faces.

May 2016 – All That Jazz

All That Jazz _ Thu 26 May

This was the month I promised to do an easy book… then the club tells me it’s ‘Jazz’ month… I could have made the songs easier and in fact I did… the thing is Jazz is a high musical art form and it is not really a beginners night. Strange that it attracted more beginners that we have had in a long time. Any way, with the addition of trumpeter Ben Van-Kleef at the last minute, this was one of the best nights the band has ever had. The Audience enjoyed the music though a lot of folk were finding the chord changes too quick and they weren’t familiar with the names and shapes.

Our young star Misty Henderson was divine, The NRUO were wonderful, specially in ‘Inch Worm’ with our other cool cat guest Jimmy Dowling. Also Patsy Brosnan brought down the house with her original Gypsy Jazz tune. Miss Amber did well. Jazz swing tunes suit her voice wonderfully.

Jimmy Dowling is deadly with a standard and he did a great A capella version of ‘If I only Had A Brain’ from the Wizard of OZ.  Roddy Rod Rod on bass doesn’t mind a jazz tune as does Rex Carter on drums. Great night was had although a few people may have been put of the ukulele  – as really hard instrument. Someone stole my poster so it must have been enjoyed.


Brilliant Pics by Lyn McCarthy of Niche Pics

March 2016 – Intimate Requests


Originally the plan was to have the month off as Stu had an operation on his nose and was advised he’d need time to recover. One week later and Stu was feeling fine and completely bored so ‘Intimate Requests’ was the order of the day.

Since moving to the Ex-Services, comments had been made that UKE NIGHT was not as intimate as it used to be back in the Courthouse Hotel. So the band set up on the floor at the front of the stage and used a smaller vocal PA. The Ukers could hear themselves, like the Tumbulgum Uke Nights of old.

We also put the entire Uke Mullum song list online for the month so people could request their favourite songs, and if they chose, could lead them. Stu also did up 5 new charts for songs that were not in the list of nearly 1000 tunes. Neil McInnes, Graham Richardson, Erina Leech, Bettina and Melissa (The Moyle Sisters), Tone Uke, Almer Asha and Val Hodgson got up and slayed ’em. All very different moods and styles with great performances all round and cheered on by the supportive crowd.

The Band Comprised Mr Rod Coe on Double Bass, Warren Earl on guitar and Steel, Evan Sun on Mandolin and Guitar and percussion. We also had Clelia Adams smashing 5 tunes and a visit from Kathryn Jones plus our UKE NIGHT darling Misty Henderson (with Young Safron) who at the time of writing this is headed to Italy as part of the Mullum high school exchange program.

Thanks to all who came along, Deb on the Door and a special thanks to Luke from the Mullum Ex-Services Club who helped out with the TV monitor. It was a great format and will definitely be happening again.

Feb 2016 – Hawaiian Night

Uke Mullum's Hawaiian Night - Thu 25 Feb 2016


Wow. The room looked wonderful thanks to the efforts of Miss Amber and Lilith from Mana Aloha Hula Dancers (Byron Bay) with floral table settings and Palm Fronds adorning the stage. It was the biggest crowd we have had since we moved to the Ex-Services with folk traveling down from the Gold Coast and even international visitors from as far away as Argentina.

The band sounded wonderful with Paul Agar on Lap and Pedal steel, Rod Coe on the U-Bass and BV’s and Rex Carter on Drums. The dancers were so beautiful and all went off without a hitch with the musical arrangements (well almost). Beautiful singing with 3 part harmonies from Misty Henderson, Parrisa Bouas and Miss Amber. Terry Flatly made a surprise appearance on ‘Hula Girl’ and the members of the NRUO even got up unannounced on the dance floor to wiggle their hips.

Val Hodgson won the poster for a second time in a row (for the second time in a row). Best dressed male was Graham, Best dressed female was Leander and overall best dressed who took home the Lanikai ukulele was Leilani (who as it turns out lived next door to terry Flatly in the Lismore in the 60’s, now resides between Main Arm and Hawaii, she also supplied most of the beautiful Hawaiian dresses on display). Our aim was to show all who attended what an amazing place we live in. The aloha spirit was in the room and everyone left with a big smile on their face.

See Photo Album from Lyn at Niche Pics here


November – The Favs from 2015


It was a very eclectic song list with two songs from each month apart from the Stones book … (we had three of those). After a brilliant 2015 Mullum Music Festival we were all a bit buggered. It was a great night none the less and everyone had a hoot. Stand outs were Misty Henderson (as always) and again Erina Leech has proven to be a strong and grounded singer, always on key and delivered another great version of ‘Young Folk’ with son Reuben doing a great whistle part. It was great to have the teachers and family of Coorabell school in attendance on the evening. Evan Landers delivered a great version of Copperhead Road. The venue is really feeling like home now. Thanks Luke and Michael from the club and as always Deb and Luis. Now… ready for the 5th annual Christmas Uke-tacular.

Miss Amber & Stukulele Nov 2015 Coorabell_cats Misty_NOV_2015


See more pics here from Lyn McCarthy of Niche Pix


August 2015 – New Venue Debut

Uke Mullum August 2015

It was the first show in the Club Mullum, the new home of Uke Mullum – Miss Amber and Stukulele’s UKE NIGHT. We were nervous about how the room would be received by the fans and Uke players as it is an auditorium… not a pub and requires a different awareness I suppose. All in all the reception was positive.

We put put together a set full of songs that are quintessential to the uke with a bunch of old Hapa-Haole tunes and finishing off with some great Pop tunes. We had Paul Agar on Lap steel (and Pedal Steel and guitar) who adds so much, Acey Jason Caspen on drums and Rod Coe on basses who went the hard yards as usual with the arrangements. Guest Vocalist Misty Henderson and Renee Searles were both wonderful and Miss Amber did a fine job with her tunes. The N.R.U.O. were just perfect for the night adding their big orchestra sound and look to 7 of the tunes in the 2nd set. Nice to see lots of familiar face in the audience like Micheal Smith from the now somewhat scaled down Gold Coast ukuleles.

We are learning as we go in terms of setting up the room. Folk wanted a little more intimacy was the general consensus, though we needed room at the front of the stage for Lilith and Marion from The Mana Aloha Hula Dance Troupe who brought the spirit of Aloha to to our little night and we are forever to grateful to be graced by their beautiful dance.

Most of all thanks to all you wonderful ukers who came to support the night… it would mean nothing with out you and the plan is to make the evening more inclusive of everyone with more local group and solo performances. Thanks to Luke Barnes from The Ex-Services and Luis Christia and Deb who pulled out all stops to make the night a success. Looking forward to the next one in Club Mullum. See pics from Niche Pictures here

Christmas Uke-Tacular 2014

Christmas Uke Tacular 2014

What a great night. Daughter Rose did a dandy version of ‘I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus’ and Stu’s favourite Warren Earl on guitar gave us just the right 50’s tone. Rockin’ Rod Coe and Rex Carter were a swingin’ and boppin’ rhythm section. We welcomed back the uber-talented Misty Henderson, who at the age of 14 has an amazing voice which keeps getting stronger and stronger. Her take on Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ (with singin’ buddy Chloe) raised the roof.

Being Christmas… of course it was hot. Max Strong was our Santa… he wasn’t too sure which way to wear the costume… and his joke about bringing the wrong bag (he brought his washing instead of the toys) didn’t go down so well with the kids.  The bubbly Kathryn Jones and Miss Amber were in fine voice, sweet harmonies abounding… (though we did do Meli Kaliki Maka again to get it right just once). Bede Cooney offered up some new Uke night lyrics for the 12 days of Christmas… phew!

A really fun, relaxed and happy time was had by all… ‘cept poor ol’ Santa who had to ride of on his bike early to aid his ill-feeling teenage son.


Uke Mullum 3rd Birthday – July 2014

Uke Mullum 3rd Birthday

With the apt theme of ‘3’ we had such a great time for our third birthday… Rod Coe on bass, Jason Caspen on drums and Evan Sun on stringed things. All the important folk who have helped these nights to be so great were there. The Northern Rivers Uke Orchestra kicked of the night… we are still working on amplifying the sound of the orchestra and had a few problems on the night.. trail and error. Nothing beats an a nice live room though the Courty requires a PA. Our favourite MC / Juggler funny guy Joel Salom managed to juggle 3 ukes for 2:28 before being put off by the flash photography (better luck next year).

Fiona Knight and Chad Sheather came down from up north to play three great tunes. Fi’s singing was very strong and she made a meal of Meatloaf’s ‘2 Out Of 3 Aint Bad’, Patsy Cline’s ‘3 Cigarettes in the Ashtray’ and ‘You’re So Vain’ by Carly Simon. Chad’s noodle-style picking was very tasty also.

Misty Henderson graced the 2nd set with ‘3 Little Birds’ and her own calypso love song ‘Island Boy’ with ‘I Can’t Help My Self’… such a talent at only 14 years old. She is a great singer and is so very grounded in her delivery for her age. The band were on fire… then ‘ol mate Ash Bell (Starboard Cannons) floored everyone with laughing fits during his rendition of ‘3 Times A Lady’. It was great to see people standing and rocking out on the ukes to ‘Johnny Be Goode’ adorned by Warren Earls‘ tasting and fluent lead work. Miss Amber did a great job of 3 Dog Night’s ‘Joy To The World’ to bring the night to an end.

Great cake by Miss Amber and Deb.. Great sound by Luis Christia as usual. Thanks to The Couthouse Hotel for hosting the event for 3 years in a row. Thanks to all who attended the evening. It was the biggest and best crowd we have had thus far. It was really great to see faces who haven’t been in a long time. Welcome back and Happy Birthday to Us!