Beatles Uke Night – Repeat Performance

Betles Night Repeat Performance


Amazingly, we had a great turn out and most of the audience were newbies… (they didn’t come to the first night). The band were on fire with the luxury of having performed the songs once before. Fiona Knight again rocked the house… she found her special growl that she doesn’t know how to reproduce in any other circumstance other than singing ‘Twist and Shout’.

Clelia Adams came along and sang harmonies and lead on ‘Yesterday’…. It was a show stopper. Guy Kaychel and Raku O’Gaia again excelled and most notably was the applause Evan Sun received for his solo in ‘Something’. We even pulled out ‘Birthday’ for an audience member who was celebrating his birthday, (Happy Birthday Mason!)…

A great night and well worth repeating. As one of the happy throng commented.. “It was gear!”

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