“For me, the orchestra has given me the opportunity to improve my basic ukulele skills to a level that I didn’t think possible. My performance confidence has also rocketed.

This has taken place through small but achievable challenges that have encouraged but not threatened. On top of al that, I have established a wonderful friendship with like-minded people. I really look forward to every Wednesday evening. Thanks Stukulele!”

Terry Flatley (Ex High School Teacher & NRUO Member)

I love playing with Stukelele, he has unbounded enthusiasm and he embodies the “have a go’ ethic that make his Uke nights so popular and such fun to be a part of.

His passion for the ukulele is infectious, and as a former drummer his grasp of rhythm and his broad knowledge of music make him a natural leader in the Uke community. I am very pleased he asked me to be his bass player.

Rod Coe, (Bassist, Producer)

“I am now a keen ukelele player. I started with Stu almost a year ago and now I just love playing the uke. At my first lesson at the Bangalow Bowlo, Stu said to hold your pointer finger at 90% and strum up and down. This is the basic move. I still do just that. But the uke can of course do a lot more than that. It can teach you music, it can teach you to play with other people, it can teach you that a community of players and singers is a great way to live your life.”

Alex Hughes, (Primary School Teacher & NRUO Member)

“Having been in and performed with other musical groups over the years, I found Stu a breath of musical fresh air from the very first meeting in the early days of uke mullum where he lights up the room with his boundless energy to the Northern Rivers Ukulele Orchestra where he has taken a group of enthusiastic uke players of mixed ability and turned us in to a tight and happy group of friends that look forward to our Wednesday evening practice nights. Stu gives us all a self belief, that we can try anything… even sing and is always encouraging. His many contacts in the music business has meant that we hit the ground running, when after a small time together, we were playing at the Mullum Music Festival… how good is that ?! The future as far as I am concerned is very rosy… a great bunch of friends with a great musical director at the helm !”

Alan Hill –  (Cleaning Business Owner & Fire Chief & NRUO Member)

“As a beginner I was a bit nervous about joining the uke orchestra but Stu was very encouraging. His love of the uke is infectious and he has inspired me to keep practicing and improving. Our uke group love getting together and playing with Stu as our leader.”

Patsy (Ex – Librarian NRUO member)

“Stu’s great! He’s so enthusiastic, talented, patient and encouraging, and he brilliantly combines all levels of uke talent in one big happy noisy class.”

Linda (Mullum Uke Club)

“Ever since I was a little’un I have harboured a desire to make music and sing it out loud. There were other burning ambitions that needed attention first, and my musical ambitions have needed to stay latent… until I heard about the ukulele revival at Mullumbimby. A year later, under Stu’s guidance and unflagging enthusiasm, I find I have found an instrument that I can play relatively easily, I’m allowed to sing without being told to “shut up”, and I have composed 4 songs and performed them in front of appreciative audiences. My childhood dreams come true!

Stu’s tuition doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, his criticisms are always positive and constructive, and I feel membership in a group with one binding bond – the love of our ukes, and the love of playing. All ages, all capabilities, Stu steers us with his patient and friendly hand.

Anyone harbouring musical ambitions, from only wanting to play for self pleasure, to making a hit record and getting into the musical Hall of Fame, couldn’t do better than to come to Mullum Uke Club.”

Val Kean – 60 something (Architect, Boat Person, then some)

The first night I went to Uke Mullum I was hooked on the atmosphere and the fun. I bought my first ukulele on the spot and I tried to play along but didn’t know even one chord or how to waggle my hand to keep the strum going in time! Stukulele to the rescue with a few group lessons, and once I discovered the Monday night Mullum Uke Club get-togethers I was on my way… For a long time I couldn’t play and sing at the same time or change chords quickly enough, but Stu’s hints and encouragement keep working their magic, and now playing uke is such a buzz! Stu works so hard to keep the songs and the arrangements coming, all the time keeping it fun with some challenges thrown in. He’s a great uke teacher who really helps you “get it”. That first Uke Mullum night has opened up a new world of music and friends for me. It wouldn’t have even started without our Strukulele and Miss Amber. Thanks heaps! Faye H

When I joined the orchestra I had been playing for a year. I was playing the same few songs at the same (low) standard. Stu soon changed that; he is a real “level-buster”. He has inspired me to try new stuff, improved my playing and taught me chords I never knew existed. He is truly inspiring.

Peter Brosnan (A very clever man & NRUO Member)