Why Learn The Uke?

The objective is to enjoy making music… it’s a great instrument for both rhythm and melody and Ukuleles are very portable. Find out for yourself the joy a ukulele can bring. People with next to no musical knowledge can easily be a part of the music. Ukes bring people together in a fun way. Easy to learn and good for the brain… proven to stave off early senility… most of all FUN and ENJOYMENT!

Basic Requirements

A ukulele of a reasonable standard and one that fits your hand and finger size. In other words if you have big fingers maybe you need to look at either a concert of a tenor. Preferably an electronic tuner. An open happy attitude.

Don’t Have A Uke?

I have a few spare ukes that can be used in the lessons. Remember, practice makes perfect so if you think uke is for you, there’s nothing better than choosing your first axe!

I Want to Buy A Uke. What Should I Get?

Ukuleles range in sizes (smallest to biggest): Soprano, Concert, Tenor and Baritone. My advice is to make sure your fingers fit the uke you buy. If you have big fingers you may need a Tenor or a Baritone. If you purchase an instrument that is poorly made it will not stay in tune. Many people start out with a inexpensive instrument only to find they can’t get it to sound good and give up. Sometimes it’s worth paying that little extra to keep you inspired to play.

For some tips on buying your first ukulele click here. Here’s another helpful site.

Who do you Recommend I Buy a Uke From?

Byron Music | Son Of Drum

Would You Buy A Uke Online?

If you’re prepared to pay for a set up with a professional luthier you can save a lot of time and money by purchasing a uke online. You may find a uke that suits you perfectly as is, though I have found that it’s good to have your instrument set up at least once. This means adjusting your bridge and nut and the height of your strings to the fret board so it feels better to play. I would however suggest to go to a shop and try a few out. You need to fall in love with an instrument.

How do You Tune a Uke

The standard tuning for a Soprano, Concert or Tenor ukulele is C tuning
which is G | C | E | A (A being the sting closest to the floor on a right handed Uke – reverse for a left handed Uke).

You can remember that by making up phrases words made up using the first letter… like Good Cooks Eat Alot or Girls Can Eat Apples. etc.

The Baritone Ukulele uses the same tuning as the top four strings of a guitar.
| G | B | E