May 2016 – All That Jazz

All That Jazz _ Thu 26 May

This was the month I promised to do an easy book… then the club tells me it’s ‘Jazz’ month… I could have made the songs easier and in fact I did… the thing is Jazz is a high musical art form and it is not really a beginners night. Strange that it attracted more beginners that we have had in a long time. Any way, with the addition of trumpeter Ben Van-Kleef at the last minute, this was one of the best nights the band has ever had. The Audience enjoyed the music though a lot of folk were finding the chord changes too quick and they weren’t familiar with the names and shapes.

Our young star Misty Henderson was divine, The NRUO were wonderful, specially in ‘Inch Worm’ with our other cool cat guest Jimmy Dowling. Also Patsy Brosnan brought down the house with her original Gypsy Jazz tune. Miss Amber did well. Jazz swing tunes suit her voice wonderfully.

Jimmy Dowling is deadly with a standard and he did a great A capella version of ‘If I only Had A Brain’ from the Wizard of OZ.  Roddy Rod Rod on bass doesn’t mind a jazz tune as does Rex Carter on drums. Great night was had although a few people may have been put of the ukulele  – as really hard instrument. Someone stole my poster so it must have been enjoyed.


Brilliant Pics by Lyn McCarthy of Niche Pics

Soul Motown Disco October 2014

Soul Motown Disco

I know it’s hard to believe… every night we have done this year has been better than the last. They have all been amazing though last night was so big on energy and the performances were stunning It’s going to be hard to top.

Great work to Val and Brad for leading us in Stand By Me and Mustang Sally respectively… Brad found his mojo very early into song and cherished being backed by such a great sounding band.

Special guests Soulman O’Gaia who always raises the roof was out-fro’d by Miss Amber though no one can can outshine this great performers bright soul. We are so blessed to have such talent in our home town. Fiona Dell is a great singer as is Fiona Knight, completely different styles and yet bring them together with Miss Amber and you have a whole lotta magic sista harmony action. Eyes were sparkling!

Big thanks to Chris Mallory who popped up for falsetto duties on Stayin’ Alive and nailed it… the song and the look. Al Park (Sir Cliff Richard’s M.D.) graced the stage with his oh so wonderful keyboards. What a gem of a man and to have the ‘glue’ of organ piano and even marimba and horns made for some sweet sounds. Al commented that he loved playing at the volume the uke night band do. You’re welcome back anytime Mr. Park.

Together Rex Carter on Drums and Rod Coe on bass are an unbeatable rhythm section… there was beautiful solid grooves from woe to go. Thanks to Luis for great sound as usual and the lovely Deb on the door. Big thanks to The Courthouse Hotel for hosting the event every month and for donating a lovely bottle of organic red wine for the raffle.

Most of all thanks to the fans in the audience who turned up in droves… all our old friends and lots of new faces. It would mean nothing without you and we love you for all your support.

Smarty Pants Tune March 2012

Michael from Gold Coast Ukulele’s has suggested this little ditty by Jack Johnson – Better When We’re Together. There’s some tricky sliding action and some quick half bar changes to contend with. Definitely worthy of the smarty pants tag. Here’s a vid to practice with.

Uke Mullum March Songbook Online Now

The songbook for our March 2012 meet is available for download now. There is a new Smarty Pants Tune – Jack Johnson’s ‘Better Together” (Video coming soon) suggested by Michael from Gold Coast Ukuleles. There is also heaps of easy stuff this month plus a repeat of ‘I Will Survive’ – instructional strumming video coming soon also.

Feb Smarty Pants Tune

If you have yet to subscribe to the mailing list you may not have heard about the new monthly SMARTY PANTS TUNE. The plan is to make the songs  easier to play overall, to cater for our new and part time players, so they can dig in and get amongst it on the Uke Mullum nights. For the players who have been at it for a while, we have the SMARTY PANTS TUNE which will be a challenge. Quicker changes lesser known chords. We always try to put something in there for everyone. Even if you’re not playing it’s a great nights entertainment. This month’s  SMARTY PANTS TUNE is “Something Stupid”. Note the A minor chord is played with the first finger to make the proceeding chords easier to reach. Hope you enjoy. STUKULELE