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Ukulele Zoom Lessons with Stu

Join Stukulele every Tuesday at 10 AM AEST via ZOOM for a 40-minute Ukulele Lesson… because a life without music is a life half-lived.

You will learn how to do everything you will need to start enjoying playing songs on the ukulele. For example; strumming patterns, fingerpicking, music theory as well as loads of chords for a variety of fabulous songs.

These sessions are fun and informative and at only $20 a time, they are great value for money. Contact Stu if you have any inquiries here.

You can save $5 monthly if you subscribe below and Join the Ukulele Tuesday subscription. That’s a $75 recurring monthly payment you can pause anytime. There is also After Pay and other options with this Payment method.

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Why Play Music?

There have been many studies that first explain why learning, performing, and playing music is good for your brain. Furthermore, this very activity is equally important in improving speed and function within your brain’s synapses. Stu has been teaching for over 10 years and in addition to becoming a better player himself, he has developed some excellent teaching methods that you will benefit from.

Moreover, don’t you owe it to yourself to use your time wisely and enjoyably? You can think of it like this: The genuine threat of the blues taking over is not only easily staved off with this little 4-stringed friend, In fact, you will also be helping yourself to become even smarter, day by day, song by song.

Discover your voice! One of the bi-products of learning the ukulele is in time you will find yourself singing. As a consequence, you may further develop your musical tastes, preferred repertoire, genre, and style of music. Hey you can become a Ukulele Star and perform in Festivals!

Finally, do you think you owe it to yourself to have a little bit of fun? It’s hard not to have at least a little grin with a ukulele in your hands.