UKE NIGHT – Monthly Meetings
When? Where? What Time? How Much?

UKE NIGHT usually takes place monthly at the Mullum Ex -Services Club.
The dates are ever-changing due to Covid. Stay Tuned.
We may pop up in a venue near you also. So keep your eyes peeled.
Entry is Adults $20 | Kids (under 16) $5 | Family $35 (2 adults 2 kids)

The next UKE NIGHT  is: Sunday July 25th, 2021
For our 10th Birthday, the theme is The Letter E, songs by artists whose first name begins with the Letter E.

What songs will we play?

Each month we present a songbook of 20 popular and well known songs. Some months are themed. We usually start with simple songs and throw in some challenges along the way. Then there’s the smarty pants tunes which are designed for the ambitious ukesters.

Can I suggest songs?

Yes. click here.

Can I do a solo spot?

Yes. Anyone can do a song on their own or present a small combo. You will need to let Stukulele know in plenty of time before  the night. This solo or group performance aspect is encouraged as is active listening during the performance.

Do I need to bring a tuner?

There aren’t many things more unsettling than a room full of out of tune ukuleles, so unless you have perfect pitch, it is advised, though not mandatory. If you do have a tuner it’s a good idea to check your tuning regularly.

Do I need to be able to play the songs well?

This is an informal get together of ukulele enthusiasts. Although some tips and pointers may be shared, it is not a formal lesson. How well you play the songs is really up to you. The objective is fun… a community sing along. I suggest giving the tunes a run through for sure. Occasionally we will make videos to help you to practice.

Can I bring the kids?

Yes. Kids of any age are welcome, especially to play along. (for the consideration of your fellow patrons please handle any disruptive behavior if the need arises.  Like all licensed premises, the bar area is off limits to young-uns.)

If I don’t bring a ukulele, do I have to pay?

Yes please. You are welcome to join in the singing or just watch, though you will still need to pay. This is a great community night of entertainment for ukesters or otherwise. The objective is to bring people together for a strum and a sing all in the name of fun. The entry fee helps cover overheads and operational costs and sometimes special guests. Hope to see you there!!