August 2015 – New Venue Debut

Uke Mullum August 2015

It was the first show in the Club Mullum, the new home of Uke Mullum – Miss Amber and Stukulele’s UKE NIGHT. We were nervous about how the room would be received by the fans and Uke players as it is an auditorium… not a pub and requires a different awareness I suppose. All in all the reception was positive.

We put put together a set full of songs that are quintessential to the uke with a bunch of old Hapa-Haole tunes and finishing off with some great Pop tunes. We had Paul Agar on Lap steel (and Pedal Steel and guitar) who adds so much, Acey Jason Caspen on drums and Rod Coe on basses who went the hard yards as usual with the arrangements. Guest Vocalist Misty Henderson and Renee Searles were both wonderful and Miss Amber did a fine job with her tunes. The N.R.U.O. were just perfect for the night adding their big orchestra sound and look to 7 of the tunes in the 2nd set. Nice to see lots of familiar face in the audience like Micheal Smith from the now somewhat scaled down Gold Coast ukuleles.

We are learning as we go in terms of setting up the room. Folk wanted a little more intimacy was the general consensus, though we needed room at the front of the stage for Lilith and Marion from The Mana Aloha Hula Dance Troupe who brought the spirit of Aloha to to our little night and we are forever to grateful to be graced by their beautiful dance.

Most of all thanks to all you wonderful ukers who came to support the night… it would mean nothing with out you and the plan is to make the evening more inclusive of everyone with more local group and solo performances. Thanks to Luke Barnes from The Ex-Services and Luis Christia and Deb who pulled out all stops to make the night a success. Looking forward to the next one in Club Mullum. See pics from Niche Pictures here

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