Uke Mullum’s 8th Birthday

miss amber and Stukulele's Uke Night – 8th birthday celebration

We were back the Courthouse Hotel for our 8th Birthday. It was also our last Mullumbimby UKE NIGHT for a while so we had a cast of thousands… loads of our great special guests came to lead songs: John Hill, Sara Tindly, Ash Bell, Clelia Adams, Raku O’Gaia, Shelly Brown, Justin Bannister, Max Foggon, Erina Leech and the N.R.U.O. In the band we had Jason Caspen on drums, Rod Coe on bass, Dan Brown & JB on keys, Evan Sun on Mando and guitar with our mate Kate Gittins on wind and accordion. It was a special evening with a massive turn out. Thanks to all who came along.

Songbook available here for Patrons

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