September 2016 – A.J. & Jenny



Just gotta say… AJ Leonard and Jenny Rowlands played for us last night (and with us). It’s been a while since I have seen these guys perform. It’s easy to forget how amazing they are. The arrangements are superb… wonderfully entertaining always with a big finish. The Uke Mullum crew were blown away. Jive talking was fun. Jason Caspen on Drums, All Brooker on Bass and Maria Stratton on Fiddle for the first set. There was a good turn out. Lyn McCarthy won the auction of the poster… again. The best response was for the Sol Hoopi stuff with Paul Agar on steel guitar.

“Just home from tonight’s UKE MULLUM concert. Great night, in reply to your question from the stage (I don’t think you could hear us as we were at the back). Yes we would tell friends etc. to come and a 10/10 for presentation. I also believe I owe you a drink. Thanks Stu”. Graham.


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