February 2015 Miss Amber’s Birthday



HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS AMBER – HIP HIP HOORAY!!!. By some weird coincidence, UKE NIGHT happened to land on Miss Amber’s birthday (Thu 26 Feb), so we  prepared an amazing tribute book that included all Miss Amber’s favourites and pivotal songs from her life… and, like Miss Amber, it was at times complex… yet thrilling and rewarding!! We went from Red Robin to Smells Like Teen Spirit. Talk about eclectic.

Our lovely local Country Music Queen – Clelia Adams dropped in to help out with our A-Team UKE NIGHT band – Rod Coe on basses… Rex Carter on drums and Evan Sun on other strings things and percussion. Fiona Dell (with ego a-blazing after her record launch) helped out with some ABBA tunes…. she couldn’t help her self and had to jump up un-invited for the finale tune.
It was a great night with lots of funny moments. Rosie sang Paris Unicorn beautifully.

See photos here and a little video from Lyn McCarthy of Niche Pictures

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