Uke Mullum First Birthday Wrap Up

Man oh man!! What a great night. So much love in the room. So many smiles… such a huge cake!! Love and thanks to everyone involved. (It’s getting to point where I can’t thank anyone for fear of leaving someone out.) Suffice it to say… together, we made beautiful lasting memories that I hope will see us all through anything life throws at us.

We have video taped the evening and will have that as a reminder soon…  the standout performance on the night was Three Little Sisters who completely stole the show, then of course Starboard Cannons were folking great mate. Joel Salom never fails to amaze… as well as seeing, did you hear what he was doing with those ukes… then along came Mae Wilde who conquered despite the fact her close friend Ilona Harker was quite sick on the evening.  New comer Peter Haddock’s medley was superb fun. First song of the night ‘You Are My Sunshine’ with everyone smilin’ and strummin’ with such joy was another great moment.

Looking forward to another year of Monthly Uke Mullum nights at The Courthouse Hotel. Thanks to everyone who makes an effort to get together and to keep this glorious fun going.


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