August 2012 Wrap Up

First 0f all.. thank you! All logic reveals there would be no Uke Mullum Night if it was not for you, the great folk who regularly attend our little get together. We do so very much appreciate your support. ( Stu, Amber, Reuben and Rose.. kulele).

Second, thanks to Luis Christia (so sorry I forgot to mention you tonight in the thanks Luis) you did a bloody top job of the production tonight. We love the Courthouse Hotel, Laurie, Kelly and staff… James Cox on the drums .. steps up to the plate and smashes it!!! Many Many thanks for coming on board at such short notice. Rod Coe is presently living in a very difficult stage of life… and is carrying it off with grace and great virtue… easily the most wonderful human and musician I have ever met, we all wish you and Jenny all our LOVE Rod. Thanks for being such a passionate and thorough practitioner of the contra bass.

Special guests Melia Naughton and Soulman O’Gaia… what treasures you are and how you lifted our souls with effortless ease tonight. I, for one of many, would like to see you both on Christmas Carols this year. So sorry we missed Nerida Naughton tonight who has been terribly ill with the nasty flu/bug thing that has been doing the rounds. Really hope to see you on the Uke Mullum stage soon.

Mullum Uke Troupe… it was a hard month for us all for one reason or another and tonight there was a  whole lotta shinin’ goin’ on. Miss Amber, Clare and Molly, Sue, Peter and Chad… I am proud to call us a troupe after our performance tonight. I only wish we had recorded the evening so you could see how well we all did.

I hope with your support we can continue to put on a great night of entertainment… which fosters and promotes out local talent, in a wonderful community sing-a-long (which heavily involves ukuleles… ) for a very long time to come. Next Month – 80’s night… (Can’t wait!!)

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