Sweet Harmony June 2012 Wrap Up

What a great night… despite the ridiculous amount of rain, there was a record crowd in attendance tonight. Lead by our three fantastic singers… Clelia Adams, Dee Lavell and the  scrumptious Miss Amber, (Sweet Harmony) the room has never sounded so good. We were assisted by Skye Stenning (M.U.T’s  Sue Stenning’s daughter) on projection tonight, which enabled Luis on sound to use his new wireless rig to walk about the room and create a fantastic mix of the harmonies.

Sweet Harmony with Clelia Adams, Dee Lavell and Miss Amber.

Tonight, the 11th month of Uke Mullum, was a benchmark in production values and henceforth audience participation and enjoyment of all concerned. Also, the Monday nights at the Ex-services club have paid off. I could see from stage that more people were making the changes and we were all in there making beautiful music happen together. Matty Bone (the first Uke Mullum bass player ) commented that tonight was the best night so far. Matty doesn’t throw that stuff around and his opinion does mean a lot to me as I respect him as a musician and a ‘sensitive Mullum individual’. Really beautiful playing one and all for the slow ballad ‘Dimming Of The Day’  the entire room supported the song and the emotion. Well done! There was a lot of listening going on tonight… what a difference good sound makes.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who got amongst it, despite the still raging rain. Looking forward to our first birthday next month. Make sure you vote for your favorite 20 songs here.

Loads of love from Stukulele, Miss Amber, Reuben and Rose.

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