September 80’s Night Wrap Up


Man!…  does anyone still have a face after Mick Lonsdale’s lead break in ‘The Final Countdown’? 80’s night went off in a big way.

Despite many people saying they hadn’t even heard some of the songs, there seemed to be some very confident strumming going on in the room. Many thanks to all who showed up and special mention must be made for Peter Haddock who committed the entire set with all the tricky melody lines and lead breaks to memory (he doesn’t like to read).

Big thanks to Dave Sanders on drums (filling in for Jason Caspen) & Rod Coe on the electric bass pumping the 8th notes, a scintillating rhythm section.

‘The Final Countdown’ was a highlight for me… a dream come true. The only thing that would have made Mick Lonsdale’s  lead break  more perfect would be if he burst into flames. Mark Heazlet stood up to the plate and smashed the vocal, there was head banging, there were two bar drum fills… I was in uke metal heaven.

Great work all night from Mark and Ilona Harker. They owned the stage and each song they performed. Clare Campbell and Miss Amber were a strong vocal duo and looked amazing. Happy Birthday to Sue Stenning who did a lovely version of the Pretenders ‘Don’t Get Me Wrong’ and looked very cute in her husbands sleeves for leg warmers.

Another special mention to Ilona Harker and Ashley Bell for their efforts with the awesome poster.

Thanks to: Molly Campbell (staff Photographer), Skye Stenning for screen scrolling, Luis Chistia for sound, Delicious Deb Stoker for the Door, Chad Sheather for constant support, Ashley Bell for harmonica and filling in on ‘White Wedding’ (for poor Michael Smith from Gold Coast Ukuleles who fell ill on the day), Kim on Soprana Sax, Frankie – God of Hair for Stu’s hair, The Courthouse Staff and most importantly for everyone who was in the audience for making a truly memorable and wonderful evening. Hope to see you again in October *(Wed 24th October).


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