Sweet Harmony – June 2013

Sweet Harmony - A Repeat Performance

Sweet Harmony is the name of the 3 piece harmony powerhouse consisting of Mullum’s Country Music Queen: Clelia Adams, Soul & Blues Diva: Dee Lavell and Uke Mullum’s Miss Amber. This show has now become an annual event, as we performed this very same songbook almost song for song in June 2012.

The confidence that comes from having performed a show before is amazing… the harmonies were very tight as was the band. Such good fun tunes to sing and play… they really knew to how to have fun in the 50’s and 60’s.

There was a small but appreciative audience by comparison to last year. These are the reasons I think this is so:

  1. Last year the door was $5
  2. We have started a new Uke Night further up the coast
  3. It was bloody cold and rainy
  4. Some of the novelty has worn off?

And here are my answers:

  1. We wish we could maintain the quality of the performance and enthusiasm for the Uke Nights at $5… unfortunately that is just not sustainable for the level of professionalism required to make a great night.
    Uke Mullum runs on the skin of it’s teeth and we are very lucky to live in an area of very talented performers who practically donate their to time and be involved. Let’s not forget, with so many establishments who can afford to put on free live music, we are spoiled for entertainment around here near the Bay.
  2. It was expected that with the new Tumbulgum Uke Night that we would lose a few people from up North… I’m happy to say that there are still a few folk that make the journey. (We do miss our friends from Brisbane).
  3. Uke Mullum began in July 2011 in the middle of winter and we had around 130 people.. cold? rug up!
  4. I hope people realise that the night is about coming together in song. The Uke is easier to travel with and that is the main reason why it has been such a great catalyst too these get togethers… human connection is what we are craving.  Making memories and creating feelings of belonging and pure joy. That’s the pay off!

Big thanks to The Courthouse Staff and The Restaurant, top notch service and food. Thanks to Ashara for the door (excellent job), Val for screen scrolling (truely on it… and multi tasking… scrolling whilst playing uke), and Luis Christia for the sound which was again fantastic last night. Big thanks to Chad Sheather,  you are a walking legend, Rod Coe and Jason Caspen for being a mighty fine rhythm section. Most importantly thanks to all our supporters in audience.


PS: I would also like to acknowledge Sue Stenning who was in the line up last year and did a great job.

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