Freedom Songs – May 2013

Thank you patrons of tonight’s Mullumbimby UKE NIGHT.

We once again feel invigorated to continue in our passion of creating memorable musical evenings at The Courthouse Hotel. That wonderful community feeling of real love pervaded strongly once again. There were a lot of faces  in the crowd that haven’t been seen in a while and we were so happy you were there, including Roe and Tracey, Sergio, Bronnie and Mark and the rest of you, as well as some welcome newcomers Steve and Bin. Thrilled to bits we were to see you in the front line.

The flu stopped Andrea Soler from appearing tonight and we were all disappointed not to play together and see her perform as planned. The very concept of the evening was dreamed up with Andrea and she helped make it a great night with her song choices and I truly felt she was there in spirit. She is a wonderful positive force of nature… as is the very inspirational Soulman O’Gaia.

Soul or Souly to his friends, such a great joy to behold! Soul by name and soul by nature… delivering stirring versions of all the tunes lead tonight including, ‘Change is Gonna Come’, ‘Love Train’ and some original tunes from his 2012 album, the not so coincidently en-titled ‘Freedom Songs’. Thanks again to Ashley Bell … a great singer and good all round bloke with a great sense of community. You did us proud with Tom Petty’s ‘Won’t Back Down’ and convincingly pulled of Farnsey in ‘That’s Freedom’.

The great band : Rod Coe, Kim Moxham, Chad Sheather and Jason Caspen… (Bass, Wind, Uke and drums) had their ears and hearts open. Val Kean – singer songwriter / screen scroller… where would we be with out you and may I say a mighty job. Luis Christia going all out with his PA did a fine job on sound tonight. Fee Fee with your vocal support on George Michael’s Freedom. Thanks to Deb and Ashara for helping us all to be remunerated for our efforts. To The Courthouse Hotel and all involved in tonight’s gathering… we thank you.

Stukulele and Miss Amber


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