Valentine Is Over

Last night was Uke Mullum’s ‘Valentine’s Over’ edition… we played tunes that were representative of the arc of many relationships; from wanting love, to finding love, to being immersed in love… then… lover getting wierd, love going sour, love going wrong to the point of murdering him / her.  Finally after survivng all that, we hopped back on the horse and realised,… ‘love is all we need’ and I (for one) ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’. Did we have fun? You betcha!!!

We were so very blessed to have the talents of Rod Coe (double bass) and Jason Caspen (drums) as our rhythm section tonight. What gems!! Gentlemen, we hope you can make it again, the room has never sounded so good.

I’m reticent to thank any one person in particular for tonight as the list of people to thank is getting bigger each month and I couldn’t live with myself If I missed someone out. Everyone who came to tonight was integral to success of the evening, you know who you are and I want you to know WE LOVE YOU. Many many thanks.

I will mention, the lovely, Renee Searles – our own local Ukulele Chantreuse who popped in for an impromtu visit before heading down to perform in the Melbourne Ukulele Festival (M.U.F.). We wish her lot’s of love and hope she is very well received, as she is a very deserving artist who writes and performs beautiful songs.

‘Til next Month.
All our love Stukulele & Miss Amber

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