Show Us Yer Willie – June 2014

Show Us Yer Willie

This was a very special night. Regardless of the fact that at first the country theme wasn’t so well received at its conception, there was a great roll at the venue with all the regulars and quite a few new faces. The music was wonderful, each song being rewarded with enthusiastic applause. It would be hard to choose a highlight, though we all Love Clel’s Train Song, River Valley Express, and Still is ‘Still Moving to Me’ was mighty cool. Great to have our good friends Sara Tindley and Clelia Adams on board with Uke Night new comer, Kim Cheshire, all wonderful vocalists. Great playing from Rod Coe on double bass (as usual) with Rex Carter doing an exemplary job of time keeping. What country night would be complete without pedal steel? Paul Agar was there, tuneful and perfect… we’ve heard it said before about our nights… this is was the best one yet!!