March 2015 – Gospel

Uke Mullum Gospel Night

The Monday night Mullum crew were horrified… Had Stu been saved? Has he lost his mind? What are all these God Bothering songs? ‘Gospel’ is a musical genre like any other and has specific themes. In these sensitive times of ‘PC non religious gatherings’ words like ‘The Lord’ and ‘Heaven’ can ruffle some feathers. It was one of the biggest and many many people have said it was one of the best Uke Nights at The Courthouse ever.

Thanks to Jessie Vintilla who brought along her 50+ piece choir who really did raise the roof! It was great to have Jason Caspen back behind the drums (called in at the last minute),  Evan Sun for Mandolin, Guitar and Slide Guitar and the ever dependable and solid Rod Coe on Double Bass. Gareth Baajland of The Barker Vale Brothers played some blistering Banjo, Renee Searles sang like a beautiful Song Bird and Miss Amber and Stukulele were imbued with the holy spirit. There were impromptu repeat choruses and unexpected Violin solos – a great night was had by all.

Gospel Night

Nice, easy, repetitive chord changes go down well with the newer players and also the singing comes naturally as these songs are designed to bring a community together. We will definitely be doing more Gospel again. Thanks as always Deb on the door and Luis on sound who really had his job cut out for him and did an outstanding job. See some wonderful pics From Niche Pics here