May 2018 – Outlaws and Cosmic Cowboys

Another very memorable evening. The size of the band was over the top. We had the collective know as Backwater Brethren as the band although Jason Caspen was drummer as Stu (that’s me) was busy playing uke of course. Keys and vocals – Justin Bannister (J.B. Fingers), harmonica and vocals – Steve (Six Guns) Gilbert, guitar and vocals – Phil (Longhorn) Levy, vocals and baritone uke – Ash (Buckshot) Bell, Rod Coe on Bass and lapsteel and vocal (Diego Zaragoza) + plus guest Sara Tindley. Wish you were there. It was just the best feeling to be on the floor playing with the ukesters and these great people and musicians. Every song was a highlight. It was also great to have Clelia Adams in the audience for the first time since here surgery. Lot’s of new face in the crowd as well. It was a great community feeling.