September Songs Online Now

Finally the new songs for the next get together are online. The Mullum Music Festival has been taking up my time in the last few weeks. Should be a great festival… It’s a killer line up including my new favourite indie rockstar – Anna Coddington. I love her songs so much that I have included her tune Little Islands in the songs for September. I’m hoping that you will work it up so we can play it at The Mullum Music Festival… yes that’s right Uke Mullum is on the bill!!! So if you can’t afford the very reasonably priced tickets, learn the song (really well) and you can at least get into Uke Mullum’s performance for free. (you gotta cut it though).  Don’t Miss Uke Master A J Leonard on Sunday October 2 at the Mullum Bowlo. Grab your flyer next Wednesday for $2 off at the door.

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