Bangalow A & I Hall Wednesday 21 March 2012
Workshops from 6 pm – Concert from 8 pm

BOSKO & HONEY’s legendary ukulele safaris have taken them all over the world and onto the silver screen in The Mighty Uke. Now their Ukulele Love In is coming to the Northern Rivers after appearances at the Melbourne Ukulele Festival with new friends from France, the innovative U.K.E. Don’t miss these uke affirming workshops and an unforgettable concert!

Bosko & Honey

This livley duo live in the tropical rainforest of Far North Queensland where they have developed their charming and uniquely entertaining style. Through their D.I.Y. travels around the world on “Ukulele Safari”, Bosko & Honey and their internet videos have inspired thousands to “feel the love”. Their homegrown approach to the ukulele and songwriting has matured into a class act – an engaging blend of quirkiness, musicianship, subtlety and the hilarity. Don’t miss your chance to experience Bosko & Honey’s Ukulele Love-In… Live!

Bosko Workshop

The C-A-G-F-D System for Ukulele
(50 minutes)

Let Bosko open your mind and fingers to the possibilities of the entire fretboard.

Using this elegant system of only 15 basic chord shapes he will provide you with the tools to work out and play EVERY major, minor and dominant 7 chord in existence… Plus you will be able to play each one of them in 5 different positions along the ukulele neck!

That’s a bargain 180 chord positions for the price of 15!

This workshop is guaranteed to open new doors!


With his roots in jazz, world music and metal, Lionel “the K” Hubert is currently the assistant of cult minimalist composer Charlemagne Palestine and the creator of the prestigious Paris Uke Fest.

On a quest to explore ‘new ukulele sounds’, U.K.E – with percussionist Antoine “Josh”Ladoue – combines acoustic virtuosity with electronic real-time treatment to explore new and uncharted territories… ukulele for 2012 and beyond!

U.K.E Workshop

Improvisation and Creativity
(60 minutes)

During my many years of experience as a musician, producer and arranger, I have often come across people who feel “blocked” in their musical creativity… perhaps because of their preconceptions, uncertainties or lack of confidence.

Music is much more than just a story of styles, instruments, techniques or even of particular notes… Let’s talk about dynamics, articulation, rhythm, listening…! This fun and entertaining workshop is an ideas laboratory… a musical brainstorming session designed to inspire!

Let’s find the other musician inside you.

Workshops begin promptly at 6pm and are run simultaneously.
Which one will you choose?

All You Can Strum Ticket

As Bosko & Honey  and U.K.E. are visiting us midweek, it makes time short for those of us who work during the day. So the workshops will be run simultaneously from 6:00pm. This means, sadly, you will have to choose which of these amazing workshops you will attend…


BOSKO will be attending the Lismore Ukulele Club Strum night on Tuesday 20 March and will present his C-A-G-F-D Workshop from 7:30pm. To book at ticket for this workshop only click here

With the ALL YOU CAN STRUM ticket you can attend his Lismore workshop then be a part of U.K.E‘s brilliant workshop as well as enjoy the concert on the Wednesday at the A & I Hall in Bangalow.. for a mere $50. You get to attend both workshops plus the concert and save $5 on tickets.

Highly recommended if you can make it.