AJ Leonard & David Billings Coming to Mullum in November

Mullum Bowlo November 2012

Ukulele Master A.J. Leonard has visited us once before at the Mullum Bowlo with his Cello playing partner Jenny Rowlings. Coming this November AJ is back, this time pairing up with long time co-hort David Billings with support from our own local uke songtress, Renee Searles.

In 2010, together Leonard and Billings produced the critically acclaimed American Songbook. At the recent 2012 Cairns Ukulele Festival they successfully launched their new album Australian Songbook in front of a capacity crowd.

When A.J. Leonard started playing ukulele in 1974 in Melbourne, there were very few players in the whole of Australia but he was lucky to encounter one of the veterans of the ukulele hey-day of the 1920’s who taught him specialist techniques as well as an appreciation of the instuments true potential. In 2006 he visited Hawaii to purchase a new uke and whilst there sowed the seeds for what was to become his first ukulele-based album, Tales From the Tropics. 

David Billings is a veteran singer, multi instrumentalist, writer, and producer and has been performing with A.J. since 1996. Together they have developed a rapport, becoming known for their twin ukulele interplay as well as their classic vocal duets. The simpatico they share is like that of the synapses of the same brain. Unbelievable. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see them perform.

Courthouse Hotel Mullumbimby
Saturday 3rd November, 8pm.

+ support from Renee Searles